Lancaster University collection includes a number of antiquities, the majority of which are on permanent display in the gallery's John Chambers Ceramics Room. These items were collected by the eminent scientist Professor Irène Manton FRS. The collection includes Roman, Greek and Egyptian vessels in ceramic and glass, and selection of artefacts which relate to Professor Manton's interest in the history of writing.

Examples of items from the collection include a Roman stylus, an Egyptian papyrus fragment from a Book of the Dead, an Ethiopian prayer scroll, a Persian seal stamp in bronze, and an inscribed brick from Babylonia.

John Chambers Ceramics Room

The John Chambers Ceramics Room will be open for viewing from 27th April. The new display gives a history of the collection as told through individual pieces and highlights the many significant and beautiful items we hold.

You may have also seen some of our ceramics collection in the exhibition Nothing Beautiful Unless Useful which was at the Whitechapel Gallery, London and the Victoria Gallery & Museum, Liverpool.

Glass beaker, Roman, late 4th Century AD