A Fresh Perspective

8th May 2013 at 21:08

 The well-known and influential poet, Paul Muldoon, treated a well-attended Nuffield theatre to a reading of some of his poems, as well as the opportunity for some discussion and questions. His presentation gave insightful background and context to the poems, enriching the experiences evoked by the text. The questions posed afterwards by fellow poet Paul Farley and members of the audience were particularly enlightening, especially those concerning his recent foray into writing song lyrics. Muldoon strongly believes in the marriage of poetry and music for these lyrics, each with its role to play in the final collaborative work. This makes me wonder about the mutual relationship between all the arts, or indeed, with other subjects, particularly in this contemporary era where crossing boundaries is commonplace. Interdisciplinary works can often become greater than the sum of their parts, creating something fresh, dynamic and innovative.


Further occasions for discussion with the majority of the artists involved with Curate the Campus were provided in a series of presentations given about ongoing and future art projects. This was a great opportunity for the artists to network and find out about each other's work, bringing fresh perspectives and provoking many fruitful conversations. Topics such as memory were raised, in line with the Curate the Campus theme during the exam period, concerning the validity of truth, and the best ways of representing a memory. As such a widely discussed topic, many different views were expressed from a wide range of different outlooks, particularly by the scientist Rod Dillon, who was involved with the development of "Insides Out I/O". This indicates a promising future for interdisciplinary, collaborative art projects, an area in which I am especially interested in.