A Great Finish

10th May 2013 at 22:22

The final day of Curate the Campus saw William Titley's pop-up photo exhibition visit campus, appearing opposite The Venue. Despite the turn in the weather, many people were drawn in by the 200 photos, some who knew the cities of Lahore and Chandigarh, and others who were just curious about what was going on. The wide variety in the audience it attracted is one of the great things about presenting art outside the traditional gallery space, as well as making a refreshing change to an all-too familiar enviroment. This exhibition sneaks up on you, bringing art to those who wouldn't normally visit a traditional gallery.

I liked the transient nature of this event, as every showing of this exhibition is a unique 'happening', much like the Soundwalk events. This is apparent in the order the pictures go up on the wall, the social encounters it generates, and the location of the exhibition. The warm colour of the brick wall created a sharp contrast with the black and white photos, making them stand out more.

Lahore and Chandigarh on Campus

 As I was putting up one of the pictures the window ledge above me saw the opportunity to throw a huge raindrop at it, causing momentary panic as the ink became discoloured. However Titley loved this, as he wants the photos to become weathered with use, almost creating a memory effect as they display traces of each location. Unfortunately, he was dissapointed when the drop dried off leaving no mark. Overall this was an enjoyable event providing stimulating conversation and an opportunity to relax and socialise.

Today was also the closing day for A Smith's Exquisite Corpse in Peter Scott Gallery. In his artist's talk on Thursday, he said that this one-of-a-kind, experimental exhibition only "scratched the surface", and probably requires more time to go deeper. I think a key point learned from this is that physical representations of the works really help the viewers to engage in the curating process, giving something for their ideas to spring from. Many different opinions were expressed, creating a lot of productive debate, which I am sure will inform any future plans for this exhibition.

These past two weeks have been very exciting and eventful for me, during which I feel I have gained some invaluable experiences and learned a lot. The theme of Silence, Stillness and Intimacy has worked well, with a lot of the art events creating subtle, yet powerful experiences and good memories. Once again Curate the Campus has brought life and culture to the University, and I trust that next year will also showcase similarly great art.