An Exciting Start

29th April 2013 at 22:06

My first day of Curate the Campus began with a whirlwind of activity and a frenzy of last minute preparations in the Peter Scott Gallery. Once the dust had settled, the main floor of the gallery had been transformed into a cafe, ready to act as an artistic social hub, providing an intimate mutual space for relaxation and discussion.

A particularly unique experimental exhibition now occupies the upper floor of the gallery, led by Andy Smith, entitled "Exquisite Corpse". Back in 2012, Live at LICA commissioned Andy to start an artistic relay to commemorate the Olympics. This relay now consists of a series of twelve individual works by twelve international artists, mostly unknown to each other, where each work is based on a single element of the previous work. In a unique twist, Live at LICA has made the curating process public, encouraging viewers to arrange the exhibition as they wish, exploring options, possibilities and potential display formats for the final exhibition of the series. Further details can be found on the Curate the Campus website.

 Exquisite Corpse exhibition title

Much like the series itself, the interactivity of this exhibition sets up an intriguing dialogue between viewers, silent and indirect as they react to the shifting surroundings left behind by each other. The anonymity encourages uninhibited creativity, which can only be good for exploring all possibilities. This really opens up the whole process and places the focus more on the development, rather than the result. Don't let the unusual nature of this exhibition hold you back, come and get involved! Who knows where it might end up?

I also went on a unique journey around campus, led by Steve Lewis on a Soundwalk, organised by More Music. This was a mute tour, taking me to places I never even knew existed, aimed at engaging with and appreciating your surroundings. "I choose not to talk, I'm on a Soundwalk" were the words printed on the cards our group were given to fend off any friends you meet on the way who might try and interrupt with conversation. The walk unfolded as a series of natural audio 'happenings', where we experienced unique events that would never have otherwise been noticed. As a group event, it was comforting to share this experience, and I enjoyed the discussion that followed. This refreshing opportunity provoked my curiosity and a thrill of discovery for this invisible world of sound, embracing the ambience. If you want to experience this for yourself, there will be two more Soundwalks on Saturday 4th of May, leaving from the Peter Scott Gallery at 1:30pm and 4pm.

This first day has been busy yet rewarding and I am eager to see how the Curate the Campus event will continue to develop.