Andy Smith: Resolve To Make A Start

23rd October 2018 at 16:16

My new work Summit is coming to Lancaster Arts on Tuesday 30th of October in the Nuffield Theatre. It’s a play that tells a story about a meeting. A meeting organised to respond to a crisis. This is the summit of the title.

There seems to be a few summits happening in the world at the moment. A few crisis too. Take your pick. We live in a time that feels like it is full of uncertainty and upheaval. It doesn’t always feel like we know where we are going. We march. We protest. The power shifts or doesn’t shift. Things change but don’t always feel like they are changing. It can be hard sometimes.

Summit is, amongst other things, an attempt from me and the brilliant company of people I have had the good fortune to collaborate with on this work with to address some of this. We want to make a frame or a space that invites an audience in to think together about such matters. To think about what matters. To think about things together. To simply be together in the same room considering some stuff, both because of our similarities and also despite our differences.

Though it can feel like a hard thing to do sometimes, the play attempts to imagine a future. It’s not a perfect future by any means, but it is a future, and we try to think and show that it might be a better one. How we’ve done this is by getting together as a group of people and getting on, getting on and getting on with a collective task, which has been to unpick and unpack and perform the play. To work together on something in order to make it happen.

That’s the only way to put on a play, and in some way I think that it is the only way that we are going to get ourselves out of some of the mess that — to me at least — it feels we are in at the moment. Summit is an attempt to start to think about that.

Like any play, it can’t happen without an audience. You are the delegates at the meeting. But don’t worry, you won’t be asked to do anything, except to sit and listen and watch and think. I think that is a pretty active thing to be doing. I think it is doing something. Making a start, at least. I think at the moment all we can do is resolve to make a start. Get up. Get on with it. Change things if we want them changing.

That’s up to us.

Hope to see you there.

Andy Smith

8pm, Tuesday 30 October
Nuffield Theatre
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