Brass Bond and other friends

1st May 2012 at 14:16

The Live at LICA bar is overflowing with artists as preparations and projects are in full swing for the start of the Curate The Campus festival today. In fuller swing than most were the Lancaster Sinfonietta who installed themselves in several locations across the campus.

The first stop for the team was the climbing wall at the university's new sports centre. After taking the wall induction course the intrepid musicans were qualified to hoist themselves (and their instruments!) to varying heights. Once they were in position the team, with music sheets blu-tacked to the climbing wall, played a variety of songs with the highlight being a stunning version of the James Bond theme tune. They were a fantastic opening act for the festival as on lookers ranged from: people on their way for a swim to the local press. 

The band retired to the Live at LICA bar for a quick cup of tea before playing on the balcony above the bar and entertaining everyone on their lunch break. The next stop for the Sinfonietta is the InfoLab! 

Looking around campus prepartions for other projects can be seen. The Curate The Campus hub - a mobile green house documenting the festival as it happens - continues to defy the winds of Lancaster as it travels around the campus. Fake|Simile begin their piece in the Making Time garden by passing out letters/invitations to anyone and everyone. And the Making Time garden has another visitor with rumours that a tea party is taking place at 4pm today! 


There are ways for everyone to get involved with the Curate The Campus fun by following @liveatlica on Twitter and tracking the updates on the #CurateTheCampus hashtag. For exclusive previews of upcoming events 'like' the Live at LICA Facebook page