Curate the campus

9th May 2011 at 14:37

The summer is here (sort off if you live in Lancaster as the weather proved over the weekend that is still a bit unpredictable with heavy rain and thunder!), summertime seems bring a little bit of extra joy to everyone and make things seem a little bit more special.

Today is the start of a really interesting fortnight of performances, installations and talks across Lancaster University with everything from a camper van performance to a piano juke box. 'Curate the Campus' starts today (Monday 9th May and runs till Friday 20th May) across the Lancaster University campus.   I just wanted to share some of the performances and installations that are taking place across the next fortnight!:

Starting today is Artist Manuel Vason with an exhibiition called "Becoming an Image"

Here is a video of an installation Manuel hgas done previously:

This I am really looking forward to seeing later on today: - It is a Theatrical installation by Invisible flock where by audience memebers enter a phone box and can leave a message after the beep or listen to previous stories.  Its going to be on all week, I'll probably end up going several times! There was a project that was similar to this 2 years ago called 'Soldier's Song' by a company called Quarantine ( where by audience members could pick a song from a jukebox and sing along with a solider which was a brilliant experience!

On Wednesday evening US Poet August Kleinzahler comes to the Peter Scott Gallery:

On Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th Musician Pete Moser will be performing right at the top of Bowland tower in the centre of Lancaster University:

Pete will be performing 24 songs in 24 hours via a live web stream from the top of Bowland Tower, I can't wait to see what the results are particularly when he is capable of doing this!:

From Monday 16th till Thursday 19th of May Laura Mugridge's 2010 Edinburgh Fringe winning Performance 'Running on Air' performed in a 1978 VW Camper van comes to Lancaster, this looks like an amazing performance especially when it is for 5 people at a time!

Also performing over the fortnight will be: The Piano Juke Box and Juneau as well as a culminating Afternoon Tea and Cake (my favourite part I think!) in the Making Time Garden which was part of the Time Pieces exhibtion earlier this year at Live at LICA (@liveatlica)