Day 4 of Curate the Campus: Imitating the Dog Open Rehearsal

12th May 2011 at 19:50


"6 Degrees Below the Horizon is a macabre and playful tale involving sailors, pimps, chorus girls and nightclub singers. In this startling and visually stunning new work by Leeds based imitating the dog, the audience view the action through windows and moving frames to piece together a modern fable of failed dreams, lost love and the guilt of absent fatherhood".

I have always been amazed by Imitating the Dog's work ever since I first saw their show 'Kellerman' at the Nuffield Theatre in 2009.  Their ability to mix live performance, front and back project and a language which is more evocative of cinema than it is conventional theatrical language is simply stunning in its end result.  Their shows blur the boundaries between cinema and live performance always leaving the audience in awe of the stunning results in front of them.

Imitating the Dog: Kellerman

Imitating the Dog: Hotel Methuselah

Pete Brooks who is one of Imitating the Dog's main collaborators is once again working with the company on this new piece.  I was really lucky to be part of a performance directed by Pete Brooks last year at the Nuffield as part of our degree, he's a fascinating person to direct a show and was inspirational in the way he got us working.

This open rehearsal that the company were doing was a really interesting snapshot of how the company make work and they operate. With a stunning set to work with and front and back projections, incorporated with video, it was just fascinating to sit back and watch a company rehearse.  You get only a brief introduction into the world of ITD but it is enough to wet your appetite and especially if you've seen an ITD show before it leaves you wanting more and more!  Of course you get hints of the technical complexities of incorporating technology, yet the effects always pay off, even in this short open rehearsal you get a sense of the scale and wow factor the company are always trying to achieve.

The show which was being rehearsed is in its third incarnation originally developed in Greece and then toured in England. It will be at the West Yorkshire Playhouse on the 15th and 16th June.  There are so many things I could talk about why I love seeing ITD but its only supposed to be a brief post!

The Imitating the Dog Open rehearsal picture set is now on Flickr: