Embracing the Silence

25th April 2013 at 00:37

Next week we will see the start of the annual Curate the Campus event, when the Campus is brought to life with many varied art forms in all sorts of unexpected places. The University's 'Quiet Period', introduced during what is, for most students, a stressful time filled with revision and exams, provides the overall theme for this year's event. Art projects centered around this theme of silence and stillness may provide a welcome diversion in this otherwise tense environment. The events will provide the opportunity to take time out, slow down and appreciate the moment at a more intimate level, embracing the silence.

Over the next two weeks, I will be getting involved with as many events as I can, exploring the various issues raised by the different projects. More details on what is lined up can be found on the Curate the Campus mini-website. I will be blogging photographs and relating my experiences, as well as offering choice insights into the technical, behind the scenes organisation. Watch this space for updates and further details!