Searching for Evidence

18th May 2011 at 18:18

As well as taking part as an active spectator, I have been helping Invisible Flock develop the piece by giving feedback on how I am experiencing the event, and also this morning I ventured into the forest with a ladder and some interesting objects... and if you join in with Evidence you will find out why!

Yesterday evening Invisible Flock were on Bailrigg FM with myself and Leo, another ambassador involved in Curate the Campus, talking to the company about their work and advertising this project... but they aren't giving too much away. It seems that rather than being a massive talking point like the phone box was, Evidence is much more subtle and is quietly affecting only a few participants, so it all feels quite secretive and intimate, in a good way. So far Evidence has led me to places on campus I hadn't been to before, making me see things differently, and I'm slowly piecing together the fragments of the mystery. The project is in research and development stages in preparation to become a larger scale piece in Bradford later this year.

You can follow the company on twitter @invisibleflock and click here to join...

- Katie x