Guest Blog: idontloveyouanymore

26th June 2018 at 13:35

idontloveyouanymore have been at Lancaster Arts, making their new show and recording their new podcast…


We bloody love making work at Lancaster Arts. Okay, it's worth saying, we’re a bit biased. We met during our undergrad at Lancaster so this is where we first started making work, effectively it’s like returning to our honeymoon destination.  I was thin wasn't I? // You were thin.

So we know the place well, we know most of the people that work there, we know the uni is a fair walking distance from the centre but we also know the most picturesque pathway to walk it. However if you don't know these things, anyone around will be more than happy to share this knowledge with you because they're all so goddamn lovely.

We came to Lancaster Arts to make our show, This is Where The Magic Happens. Roughly, it's about technology’s place in our relationship, in our conversations and how similar our mind is to the mind we have built with technology, the little mind we carry around in our pockets all day. So that’s the kind of stuff we were here fighting over in pretty rehearsal rooms.

Most fighting was conducted in the Jack Hylton room, a spacious wooden concert room, still its original architecture from the University’s construction in the 1960s. And some brief fighting in the Nuffield Theatre. I’ve always loved the Nuffield. An incredible black box space that reveals this industrial shell when you pull back its curtains, all rough, grey bricks and black pipes. It’s huge and intimidating and makes you feel like your ideas have to be worthy of its space. The best place for fighting. During our stay the Lancaster Arts team organised a sharing of work when we were ready, invited us for tea and biscuits and helped with all the arts council worries that come with getting funded. YES WE ARE NOW FUNDED CELEBRATIONS IN THE STREET FOR US!

On our, weirdly sunny, weekends, we stopped all the fighting with our work and we had coffee at Atkinson’s Music Rooms and The Hall, great places which have their own artistic/musical stuff going on, check them out if you haven't yet. We went for canal and River walks and we hooked up with some friends from last time we were in Lancaster.

Last time we were working with Lancaster Arts we took part in Foot In The Door (2017), a residency proposed by Making Room and recently supported by håb/Word of Warning. It was a PAID week of workshops, creatings and sharings.

We’ve met up with the gang from that year a few times, for drinks, shows, ideas, warm meals, and podcast recordings (check that out below), we’ve created a proper little northern network. Without the Foot In The Door residency those friendships wouldn't have been made and I couldn't thank Lancaster Arts and Making Room enough. Partly, I also thank Lancaster as a place for that, because when artist support is given here it thrives. In this small, northern hub, with its little pubs and cafe’s at the end of alleyways, you meet people, and you talk to people, you can't help but. Allowing artists to spend time together in a place like Lancaster allows them to talk, to help, to build a network, a network that feels more like a family at times.

I’ve loved being back here, making work with the fantastic support of Lancaster Arts, a venue that’s been at the forefront of contemporary work in the UK, that’s supported half of the artists I know, new and not-so-new, the venue that gave me my first taste of contemporary performance, my first programmed show with Nothing is Coming, the Pixels are Huge and my first PAID residency.

I know that Lancaster Arts will go through some changes in the coming years, as venues do. Familiar faces move on and new faces are welcomed in, old bricks are knocked down and new walls built. But to artists venues are more than that, they are our connection to each other, they are our building blocks and they are our wellbeing. I hope Lancaster Arts is able to hold these connections strong, with or without its bricks.


-      Anna West, AD at idontloveyouanymore, creator at Theatre 42


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