Help The Aged

16th January 2018 at 11:36

Lead Artist - Giovanna Maria Casetta with Guest Artist - Helena Vortex  and Participant Artists - Adele Longstaff, Nicola Carter, Clare Caswell, Jocelyn Cunningham and Hayley Alessi. Documentation Liz Duggan


Help The Aged was inspired by Inspired by Pulp’s bleak landscape of old age, we set to explore the issues that are facing us, the older generation, asking why should we be condemned to a place of loneliness, poverty, labeled useless,rendered invisible and placed on the margins of society, for being the wrong side of fifty. The DIY project took place in Lancaster and Morecambe a perfect setting for A traditional sea side weekender, Fish and Chips, Bingo,Promenading on the Pier, discussing and rewriting the rules for (us) ageing artists with a punk/anarchic ethos.

Highlights of the DIY for myself and Helena were, the participants realisation of using architecture as a metaphor for ageing and how everybody fully engaged with the project and  generously  sharing  their experiences of ageing. Ending up at a Steam Punk festival to look at a different model of ageing and realising we were visible for the wrong reasons, one of our participants was pulled up for wearing a plastic rain hood and told these did not exist in Victorian times! The Punk ethic at work. Participants documenting the project as this gives a collective and unique viewpoint  of Help The Aged. And of course the day trip to Morecambe complete with fish and chips at Rita’s. And the hospitality of our generous hosts Leo Burtin and Lancaster Arts.

Giovanna Maria Casetta

October 2017

Help The aged from Lancaster Arts on Vimeo.

“Running the DIY has been a positive and affirming experience, it has reinforced and highlighted the fact that as ageing artists we deserve a voice and can look at and design our own working model for ageing on our terms.”  Giovanna Maria Casetta - Lead Artist

“It was a very interesting dynamic that the mix of personalities within the group created under your clever orchestration. I’m so grateful to you for giving me the opportunity to participate in DIY Help The Aged, to meet a delightful band of reprobates and to enjoy some shared fun whilst considering some extremely serious issues.” - Participant Help The Aged


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