"Let's not hang around"

1st May 2012 at 12:59

Lancashire Sinfonietta attracted a lot of attention from visitors to the Sports Centre this afternoon as they scaled the climbing wall to casually play a few tunes. After a bit of bother sending the tuba up the wall (who decided to put the tuba player at the top!?) the instrumentalists/part-time climbers entertained the crowd with a rendition of the James Bond theme tune.  This was the first spot on the mini campus tour the group are doing today, going to the Great Hall balcony and Infolab later today.

It was great to see a mixed bunch of spectators, from people who came down specifically to passers-by who just popped in after their swim. Two people climbing in the bouldering cave next door seemed to particularly enjoy the spectacle.

The performance was a great start to the Curate the Campus fortnight and whilst being a fantastic display of Lancashire Sinfonietta's musical skill (I'm sure your average musician wouldn't agree to a suspended concert!) it was mainly just good fun, topped off with some great interjections from the tuba player - "Come on guys, let's not hang around."