LICA Degree Show: Euan MacDonald

24th June 2019 at 13:25

During this week's LICA Degree show we are delighted to highlight a selection of the students art which will be exhibited across the Lancaster University campus until 29 June 2019.

Euan MacDonald

It was a statement of individuality and sexuality which ran the gamut, and it was a form of tapping into an inner fabulousness within themselves and bringing it out."

My artistic practice comprises of explicitly demonstrating how myself as an individual can transform from human normalcy to a flamboyant, complex and performative Club Kid/live art hybrid, under the pseudonym EUM. The process in which I alter my character and appearance derives from going through a self-exploration and revisiting memories, thought and feelings, and then transposing them into a high-fashion costume with a prevalence of the underground style of The Club Kids. Thus, allowing me to take aspects of my life and celebrate them through a subversive art form that I believe needs more exposure; pushing the boundaries of what can be perceived as Fine Art.

Exploring the character of EUM allows me to highlight a multitude of concepts and themes, both personal to me, and as a critique on modern society; bringing to light the futility of gender and our socially constructed perception of queer culture. Parallel to this, my practice explores the concept of performative art, and thereby where the amalgamation of my work fits into this spectrum.

LICA Degree Show 2019: Coordinate
Friday 21 - Saturday 29 June 2019. 
Peter Scott Gallery / LICA Building / Bowland Art Studio
Further details here.