Making Time for Art

1st May 2013 at 00:07

If you want to take your mind off things during the busy exam period, try visiting the Garden of Making Time near the Great Hall. You may find a few extra 'inhabitants', in the form of a photographic exhibition by Lani Irving and Matthew Fleming, members of LEAP. "Wildlife" is presented as evidence of some anthropomorphic creatures 'discovered' on campus, populating the garden and adding a certain creepiness to its intimate atmosphere. Be sure to explore all the hidden corners, as you may find something lurking behind the bushes.

 Wildlife photographic installation


The Peter Scott Gallery also hosts Jen Southern's "I/O Insides Out" interactive installation, exploring issues of memory and disorder. A time-reversed #Pat machine, originally designed to print out to-do lists for homeless people, now recounts conversations of the chaos of its co-design and creation. This inversion reveals the hidden activity that goes on behind the scenes, similar to Andy Smith's "Exquisite Corpse".  The printed papers are left to pile up on the floor, reminding me of the industrious commotion of revision and the regurgitation of information during exams.

These interesting and thought-provoking installations are definitely worth 'Making Time' for, as well as many more upcoming events.