Museum of OPEN

8th May 2014 at 16:31

As much as the next person in this sector, maybe I have a tendency to overuse the word ‘experiment’ and yet this week, I feel like I should be playing with tubes full of colourful liquids, mixing them, heating them up, and waiting to see what might come out of the explosions…

Jamie Eastman, our new director at Live At LICA, with support from the whole team, has thrown some questions into the air within the walls of the Peter Scott Gallery, which this week has been turned into what you might think of as a lively social space, where conversations take place and work gets done over countless cups of coffee and generous helpings of cake…

This space, the questions that come with it, and whatever else might come out of the colourful explosion is OPEN, which you can read all about on our website.

I can’t speak for everyone in the team, everyone who might visit and all the artists who will be joining us but one of the things I am personally experimenting with this week is a particular way of working… One that is porous, open-minded, open-ended, social and not necessarily target oriented… In other words, I might not get all that much done but I am spending as much time as possible opening my eyes and ears as big as I can so I can start imagining what we might do in the future, near and far… what people might need or want, or what our place in the world might be.

There’s also a sense of scale I’m very interested in – OPEN is ambitious in its ideas, and small and gentle in its format and it reflects the work that I’m interested in, like Museum of Water, for example (to which you should contribute, by the way!).

Museum of Water, really is an encounter, or a series of encounters – a sort of facilitated relationship between artist/curator/concierge Amy Sharrocks, the people she meets, and all those questions around water, its politics and its poetics.

OPEN is that too; in my head at least. And as Hetain Patel/Bruce Lee might put it, it’s also like water: versatile and indispensable…

I hope you’ll bear with me, this, too, is an experiment – pop in to the gallery and have a chat, follow us on Twitter or comment on this post.