Pathways Introduction

10th January 2019 at 10:59

Welcome to our Pathways Season!


We’ve been having conversations about the idea of pathways for some time, as have many of the artists we work with. Our brochure cover shows Jill Peel mapping a loved walk in Louise Ann Wilson’s project, Women’s Walks to Remember.

Last September, we invited a group to join us at the Ruskin Library for a Gathering on Pathways, where we shared ways of thinking about the movement of people, ideas and things. We examined the borders of state territories and global trade routes, the circulation of financial and political capital, and the movement of people (by choice or necessity). We explored personal pathways – our memories, our intuition, our choices.

This season presents a rich variety of approaches to this theme, in music, dance, theatre, arts and even comedy. Forced Entertainment will return to the Nuffield with Tyrone Huggins in To Move in Time exploring time travel. Tom Lloyd’s remarkable film Romany Rai documents the annual gathering of the Appleby Horse Fair. The Endellion String Quartet have created an evening of migratory composers for us and in the award winning SOAR, Catrin Finch and Seckou Keita explore themes of migration through the journey of the Osprey from Senegal to Wales. Dance ensemble, Van Huynh Company movingly explore the pathway from life into death in Đẹp. Theatre company Quarantine’s brilliant piece Wallflower will collect dance memories for their evolving archive from people in Lancaster and Morecambe. In the Peter Scott Gallery we present Move, an exhibition featuring five artists whose work uses physical movement to find routes through social and personal space and repositions memory and history.

And of course, our current political context has not escaped our attention but we offer much needed light relief from Kieran Hodgson in ‘75, a comic take on joining the European Union in the 1970s.

We have a special treat as we continue to celebrate the 50th anniversary of our Classical Concert Series. On the eve of the anniversary of John Ruskin’s birth, we will host the BBC Philharmonic who are marking the moment with Ruskin Dreams by Cumbrian composer, Edward Cowie.

Please join us for the Pathways Season Launch on Thursday 7 February. Bring your own ideas of what pathways means for you, talk to us about them and we very much hope our season can open up new connections for us all.


Jill Peel mapping her remembered Black Combe Circuit walk for Women’s Walks to Remember: “With memory I was there” by Louise Ann Wilson

Jill Peel mapping her remembered Black Combe Circuit walk for Women’s Walks to Remember: “With memory I was there” by Louise Ann Wilson