Spring Season: Reciprocity

11th January 2018 at 11:54


Welcome to our Spring 2018 season on the theme of reciprocity.

Peter Liversidge’s neon artwork on our cover suggests to us a hopeful interpretation of reciprocity - the practice of exchanging things with others, for mutual benefit. As winter draws in around us, Lancaster Arts warmly invites you to join us in the generous exchange of ideas, exploring what reciprocity means for us in 2018.

This theme is explored across our whole programme, not only in the Nuffield Theatre, Peter Scott Gallery and Great Hall but in our programme of workshops, events and talks, our family programme and the This Place Project which will discover what it feels like to live and work in Lancaster right now. It starts this month with listening!

Listening is one form of reciprocity and will play a large part in our programming this year. Rajni Shah has created a body of work on this and there will be an opportunity to see and discuss films responding to different conversations. Our exhibition, Conduct examines the rules we live by and how we create and preserve them. Our Messy / Noisy / Wriggly Gallery throws out the rulebook altogether! Proto-type Theater’s world premiere of The Audit and the ‘scratch’ performance of The Bare Project’s On the Outskirts of a Large Event look at the power of the state and citizens, our actions and their impact.

There are many different ways of engaging with exciting work this season: finding sound installations in The Hum situated across the Lancaster district, joining a day-long festival learning about inclusive dance or responding to works in progress from the Foot in the Door programme. Join us for our season launch! There will even be the chance to shake your booty yourself in Dancer, our opening show at the Nuffield. This season offers a rich and varied array of delights. We very much look forward to having you join us and hearing your responses to all of it.

Jocelyn Cunningham