Step Into the Circle

9th May 2012 at 00:47

So what should I see when coming onto campus this afternoon but a woman dancing in a chalk circle outside University House?! Today Laura Bradshaw offered the campus An Invitation to Dance, taking movements from those willing to step into the circle and sharing them all in Alexandra square this afternoon.

The piece was interested in how our lives impact upon our skeletons, how our own individual traits, habits and repeated movements have bearing on our bodies - much like the effect of water on driftwood. Once in the circle Laura asked me to demonstrate a particular movement, or series of movements that I carried out regularly. As I work behind a bar I went with pint pulling, lots of bending down and using a till. We then made a short sequence from these movements which we went through a couple of times. There were various bits of driftwood around the edge of the circle and I was asked to choose the one that went best with my movements (but I just chose the one that look liked a dragon!) and sign my name to it. Laura then worked my movements into those gathered from previous participants before moving on to various other spots around campus.

Unfortunately I was not able to see the sharing of everyone's movements at 4 o clock but I did thoroughly enjoy my little contribution and as per usual the Pop-Up Cafe attracted a large crowd. This afternoon Underwater Gunfight performed an acoustic set before devouring the remainder of the cake! A great start to Week 2 of Curate the Campus - I can't wait for the whale!