The Salt on our Chips

7th March 2018 at 11:43


One of the distinguishing features of Lancaster Arts as an arts organisation is that our entire team is made up of people who seem to think through doing. Alongside our work for the organisation, each of us has a creative practice of our own – from the frontline staff at the box office desk, through to our director. The life of the organisation is fuelled and energised by our ability to step beyond institutional boundaries. 

In a recent conversation with Jocelyn (LA Director) about our upcoming event Breaking Bread: On Otherness we talked about the richness that is already emerging from the event. Part conference, part creative gathering, Jocelyn said “you could also, simply, call it art”. 

And indeed, in developing this event, together with Two Destination Language, we are on a path which is not dissimilar to the one we might be on if we were preparing for a show. The especially gorgeous thing with this particular event and project, is that it is emerging of a series of interconnected dialogues. 


There is Kat and there is Alister. She is Bulgarian, and he is Scottish. They live in the Borders. 

There is Leo. He is French, and at home we often speak Spanish.

Together, they cross a Border. 

In Ireland, they cannot help but think of hard border, soft border, no border.

Then more and more voices, until a cacophony of experiences is brought to a boil. 


As we were thinking about how we might bring to life the series of conversations Kat and Alister have had with a whole host of artists over the last few weeks, Alice (LA Producer) was a little worried. 

When is lunch? 

There will be no time to eat, to take a breath, to recharge our batteries…

And there it was. It made sense. The rolling boil of the many voices Two Destination Language brought together should be dealt with at the kitchen table. 

A meeting of our artistic practices, infused with the ideas of many other people, simmered under one roof… We’re only missing one ingredient…

The salt on our chips

The cherry on our cake

The custard on our pudding

The gravy on our roast

Yes, that’s you. You’re invited.