2nd May 2012 at 16:36

Over the fornight of Curate the Campus, Live at LICA Front of House Manager Ele Kinchin-Smith, along with the student ambassadors, will be dishing out free tea and cake to passers-by in the Making Time Garden. Every afternoon (Tues-Fri) between 4 and 5pm the Twee Party will appear, the pagoda will be clad in bunting and the cups (saucers included) will be filled. This also provides visitors to the garden the perfect oppurnity to 'make their mark' on the Fake|Simile project. 

Fake|Simile's Emma Geraghty spent the day in Alexandra Square manning the mobile-greenhouse-info-hub and gaining a few funny looks from the crowded steps. The real-life live feed continues to be updated on the greenhouse walls so do pop in and give your thoughts or look out for the printed tweets on the walls.

The e-screens across campus are still asking their questions. Today, I noticed the library screen asking "What is a library?" - at that particular time my inward answer was 'the last place I want to be right now' but having submitted my final piece of undergraduate coursework - the Twee Party provided the perfect, relaxed atmosphere, and a bit of sunshine to boot.