Week One: Round Up

8th May 2012 at 13:32

The final event of the week was the fifth instalment of the tea party in the Making Time garden. The pop-up cafe serves tea, coffee and a selection of lovely homemade cakes from 4pm to 5pm every day. This hour has taken on a unique atmosphere of reflection as everyone involved in Curate the Campus comes together and has a chat about everything going on. The most fascinating part of the tea party is when passersby join in the buzz and unwittingly become part of the whole festival - even if it's only for some free cake!

The tea party takes on a slightly different theme every day. For example on Thursday Leentje Van de Cruys and Tine Feys, dressed as brides, performed their piece 'Going to the Chapel'. On the Friday the Lancaster based group Fables (find them on Facebook!) performed an intimate acoustic set from the walls of the garden. This was a great end to week one of the festival.

Moving back to the brides, they travelled round campus all Thursday asking on lookers to "carry them over the threshold" and take wedding photos with them. They danced across Alex Square and aroused much attention on the internet. My Facebook and Twitter feed were alive with people unaware of the purpose of the piece but captivated by it anyway. In a sense this is part of the aim of Curate the Campus however the important second part of this aim is to let people know that Live at LICA is behind the happenings.

Another spectacle that captivated the campus this week was a piece of dance involving office chairs choreographed by LUDUS Dance. The dance was performed in several locations across campus, most notably in the management school where cafe-goers were provided with some mid-lunch entertainment. 

The whole Live at LICA team and, unwittingly, Lancaster University campus looks forward to week two!


There are ways for everyone to get involved with the Curate The Campus fun by following @liveatlica on Twitter and tracking the updates on the #CurateTheCampus hashtag. For exclusive previews of upcoming events 'like' the Live at LICA Facebook page