When Does Your Trash Stop Being Your Trash? This is the question asked by Belgian artist Sarah Vanhee who's work 'Oblivion' makes its UK debut in Lancaster during Festival of Questions. Holding onto a year’s worth of real and virtual trash as a personal and artisic decision, this astounding performance - as Vanhee shares her collection - acts as both critique and homage to Western 'waste denial' and the choices we make as consumers.

Oblivion is a unique, once in a lifetime work of art - to experience it, is to take a profound look at the ultimate event horizon....what will humankind leave in its wake, a legacy of waste? Or something more? Is it time for each and everyone one of us to acknowledge our trash? 

Sarah Vanhee's Oblivion plays Thursday 4, Friday 5 & Saturday 6 February in the unique setting of The Storey Gallery, Lancaster. Perofrmance times: 5pm (Thurs), 7pm (Fri & Sat)


Oblivion is a co-production of CAMPO (Ghent); HAU (Berlin); Göteborgs Dans & Teater Festival (Göteborg), Noorderzon (Groningen) & Kunstenfestivaldesarts (Brussels) as part NXTSTP with support of Culture Programme of the European Union

Will the Earth Outlast the Human Epoch?  
Saturday 20th Feb, 2pm  
The Reading Room, Lancaster  

As human activities profoundly alter geological conditions - manifesting in such phenomena as climate change - will it be us that leave the planet out of necessity or are we, like the dinosaurs, destined to go first, leaving the Earth to play host to the next dominant species?  

Speakers: Nigel Clark (Chair), Bronislaw Szerszynski, Jan Salasiewicz, Joanna Zylinska

This panel discussion is part of Day of Questions #2 

Presented in association with Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences at Lancaster University 


Linked to special edition of our regular Messy Gallery sessions for young children. Lancaster Arts asks are we suitably preparing our very young for the effects of climate change? Will they have the practical and mental tools to meet the challenges side-stepped by the current adult popuation? A unifed and united approach perhaps?  Have you heard the incredible true story of a wild polar bear who made friends with a Husky?

Unicorn and Filskit Theatre have created an ice-capped show inspired by an unlikely friendship. Watch as the animals learn to play together, then get involved in the fun yourself by interacting with projected images that mirror your movements. Presented during half term, Tuesday 16 February, Nuffield Theatre, Lancaster University




After COP21: Can Capitalism Save the Planet?
Thursday 11th Feb, 7pm  
Lancaster Meeting House,  LA1 1TX
Speaker: Martin Empson

What challenges does our society face and are we all in this together?

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Breaking the Ice tells the story of a Husky and a Polar Bear that make friends but their friendship might not be the only thing breaking the ice?

How can we combat climate change?
People & Planet present a film screening of Taking On Tarmageddon and Do The Math.
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 "The future belongs to today's young people and students and university everywhere can play a major role in making society more sustainable."
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