Is the Internet Good for Feminism?   
Saturday 20th Feb, 12 midday - Music Room Storey Gallery. 

Any routine trawl of online comment forums will showcase the pervasiveness of modern misogyny, yet the internet has brought with it many sites of resistance alongside objectification. Is the internet erasing the milestones of feminism? Or are online forums, blogs and social networking sites facilitating new gains?  

Speakers include Debra Ferreday, Caroline Criado-Perez & more.



The Music Room, The Storey  

Is 'The Vagina Monologues' relevant today?
Saturday 13th Feb, 8:30pm  - Great Hall 

On the 20th year anniversary of the Vagina Monologues, this event explores it's relevance to feminism in 2016.

Speakers: Celia ReesProf Geraldine Harris & more. 

This event is supplemented by performances of The Vagina Monologs by Vagina Monolancs


Saturday 20th Feb, 12 midday - Music Room Storey Gallery.

One of the most peculiar themes of recent years is how the relationship between masculinity and feminity is changing. In examing how 'My Little Pony' appeals to an adult audience, this event seeks to explore if, and how, modern culture is altered by the presence of these cultural deviants. 

Speaker: Andy King is researching historical portrayals of gender in graphic novels and has completed an undergraduate degree in history on the topic. He has also written a number of blog posts on My Little Pony and attended conventions, much like the one above.

This is a FestQFringe Event presented by a student group as part of the Festival Of Questions [2.2.2016-20.2.2016] 

In association with the V-Day movement, this annual performance of The Vagina Monologues is in its fourteenth year at Lancaster University.
Showings in Great Hall:
13/2/16 6pm-8pm
14/2/16 6pm-8pm
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What is our 'Big Society'? Are we all in it together? What our societies challenges?

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