Is There Anybody Out There?

Part of our #BreathingSpace programme

In a time of ongoing lockdown and isolation, when our usual forms of togetherness and exchange aren’t available, how can we communicate with each other meaningfully? 

With this enquiry in mind, we invited proposals to support small-scale artistic development, in any art form. We wanted to facilitate some time and space, to reflect on creative practice and audiences under these new conditions. This opportunity is for Lancashire based practitioners, and through this strand we hope to find out more about creative networks in the region, and how we might support them. 

The artists selected for Is There Anybody Out There? are: 

Helena Ascough 

Helena is an actress, poet and theatre maker. She is seeking responses from other disabled people in Lancashire to explore their experiences of lockdown and how society could change to be more inclusive, particularly in terms of visual impairments. 

Jen Blackwell and David Darcy 

Jen and David work together to co-create choreography and run workshops as part of DanceSyndrome. They will be seeking responses to prompts towards the development of a new work, noting the recent challenges for people who depend on routine and familiar faces to maintain their mental health.  

Julie Pinington Wright 

Julie is a volunteer with Lancaster Arts and is nearing the end of her photography MA. She will undertake a socially engaged photography project with the Big Kid Circus, who have been stranded in Morecambe since the start of lockdown.  

Kasia Tatys 

Kasia is a recent graduate of LICA and will consider differing experiences of isolation through the objects in people’s homes, and how these feed into identity and sense of self. What stories do the objects that we surround ourselves with tell? 

Ellie Barrett 

Ellie is a sculptor, arts organiser and practice-based researcher. She is planning to connect with other artists working in sculpture, aiming to think through how a tactile practice can be continued and communicated remotely. What happens for artists whose work can’t be so easily translated for the screen? 

If you have any questions contact the Associate Creative Producer on

Image Credit: Julie Pinington Wright/Big Kid Circus (2020)