Union Dance Film with local teenagers

The development and filming of the project took place at the Nuffield Theatre February 14 and 16, and was led by internationally-acclaimed Union Dance - one of the UK’s most accessible and exciting dance companies. Union Dance has a distinctive approach that mixes contemporary dance, martial arts and urban styles, in a way that is very appealing to a young audience. The young people, who had no previous experience of working with professional dancers, were signed up to the Entry to Employment Scheme at Lancaster & Morecambe College. One of the young people who took part in the Union Dance project said: "We learnt stuff without realising it. You got to the end of the day and you realised that you knew all this stuff but it didn't really feel like learning because it was so much fun.” The film was shown as part of our e-campus film series broadcast on screens in the Nuffield complex and around the university campus.