Change and Interchange

6 October 2015 – 18 March 2016

Change and Interchange is a pilot programme to trial new working methods for Peter Scott Gallery. Influenced by our OPEN15 programme, the gallery will turn into a modular space that can be revised and modified to suit a changing programme of events and content. A series of ‘Tuesday Talks’ established in partnership with Lancaster University’s Fine Art Department provide the foundation for a period of engagement with issues around liveness and politics. Projects and displays featuring our collection will run in tandem as we further explore how a gallery and constituent part of a combined arts organisation could operate in the 21st century.

Tuesday Talks

Our Tuesday Talks invite artists to make a presentation about their ideas or practice, but to think beyond a curriculum vitae style presentation. This means you might encounter an artist’s current interest, a specific facet of their practice or a live piece of work.

Each artist involved in the programme is also showing a piece of work in the gallery, so you can experience the artist's work if you visit outside their talk. There will be two displays, the first will present the 2015 visiting artists; the second will present the work of the artists visiting in 2016.

Participating artists:

13 October 2015               Stuart Edmundson

20 October 2015               Peter Matthews

27 October 2015               Andy Holden

3 November 2015              Sarah Kate Wilson

10 November 2015            Andrea Byrne

17 November 2015            Ruth Barker

24 November 2015            The Bad Vibes Club (Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau and Sam Mercer)  

1 December 2015              Florence Peake


19 January 2016               Ben Cain

26 January 2016               Jessie Brenan                    

16 February 2016              Eva Rowson

23 February 2016              Ania Bas

1 March 2016                   Noel Clueit

8 March 2016                   Ximena Alarcon and Ron Herrema

Events programme

An events programme is taking place in-between the Tuesday Talks; in addition to our events, we invited our audience and colleagues to use the gallery space for their own events and displays. This has grown from questions and activity in OPEN15:


We feel an art centre should be communal and tell us who we are and who we want to be; if not a social movement, it should at least provide a deeper awareness and sense of place. It should have a design that can situate all disciplines together in the search for knowledge and understanding and have at its core the unique process and language of art, which is able to articulate things that cannot be expressed otherwise. During OPEN 2015 we’ll start this journey, exploring what an art centre could be and what it should do. We'll also engage in the sorts of activity you might expect us to - from exhibitions to a networked rave.

Taken from the overview statement for OPEN15


Change and Interchange events include: 

E-waste exhibition and event

On Writing and Drawing: Roland Barthes Symposium

On Writing and Drawing: Barthes Drawing Workshop

Arts Award workshops

The Litvinenko Project by 2 Magpies Theatre

Readings and presentations with the Department of English & Creative Writing at Lancaster University

The Question of International Relations

Dark Matters exhibition and symposium

The Festival of Questions

Artist Teacher summer school

Theatre Makers Symposium

Additive manufacturing (3D printing) research sandpits

And Still My Heart Has Wings…

Workshops with Brownies and Guides

Senior school workshops

Primary school craft sessions

Messy/Noisy Gallery

Collection care workshops

Supporter and volunteer socials

Event planning and marketing workshops

The World at Lancaster