Katie Etheridge & Simon Persighetti - DIY Twin Town

DIY Twin Town by Katie Etheridge and Simon Persighetti forms part of a wider programme of professional development activity for artists, by artists. Each year, as part of our membership of Live Art UK, Lancaster Arts supports a different company or artist to deliver this. In 2018, we are working with Cornwall-based artists Katie Etheridge and Simon Persighetti on DIY Twin Town.

For details of all other DIY projects, please see the Live Art Development Agency website.

DIY Twin Town is a gathering specifically for regionally based artists to explore the notion of exchange and collaboration embedded in the ethos of Town Twinning. Sharing models for regional working outside of the large cities, we are looking at ways in which the local can provide a portal to national and international contexts.

“How can the town you live in resource and challenge your arts practice?”

Whilst Devoran Arts concept that “the town is the venue” frames their work in Huntly, in Penryn we have come to live the idea that “the town is the studio”. Local pubs, markets, shops and streets have become the places in which our work is developed and tested. This ongoing conversation can be both exposing and stimulating and has led to a rich network of practices, ideas, networks, connections, supporters and resources, many of which lie outside of what might be recognised as arts infrastructure.

In a first phase, Katie and Simon welcomed participants to Penryn, Cornwall. This element of DIY Twin Town has included cultural exchanges, conviviality, connecting with local civic and arts organisations, and we created a new Live Art Twinning Ceremony. The weekend has afforded opportunities for new collaborations, conversations, friendships, and twinnings.

In a second phase, Katie and Simon are hosting a lunchtime event on 11th October (details coming soon) to share what happened in Penryn with artists, creative people and civic reprensentatives from Lancaster. At this point, together with an invited group, Katie and Simon will imagine what a creative, and DIY twinnig between Lancaster and Penryn might look like. 

For further information, please email producers@lancasterarts.org