Live at LICA Supported Artists: Invisible Flock

Invisible Flock: Sand Pilot. September 2012.  The company with Cedric Robinson - the Queen's official guide to the sands.

Invisible Flock make installations, games, live performances and events, often using hidden technology. They are interested in the subversion of social space, usually working in unusual locations. Their art comes from a desire to place audiences as empowered co-creators experiences, either through user-generated content or through finding new ways for audiences to participate.

Invisible Flock were one of the first of our Curate the Campus residency companies in 2011, and during this time they developed a number of projects, including Your Government Has Gone to Sleep, which subsequently featured at FutureEverything Festival, Manchester 2012.

Their major Live at LICA project – Sand Pilot – was a walking and sonic experience made in collaboration with Cedric Robinson, Queen’s Guide to the sands of Morecambe Bay. A first version was presented online and as a 6-hour walking performance in summer 2012, and is now being developed as a touring installation. We are also working with the company on creative and business development, including supporting a major successful funding application for company organisational development.