People Pavilion at Festival of Questions: calling participants

As part of the Festival of Questions, we are seeking participants to take part in an exciting art project called People Pavilion that will be presented in the streets of Lancaster on Sat 6th February 2016.

This artwork has been presented in different forms in Glasgow, Warrington, Preston and most recently with Chinese participants as part of Light Up Lancaster. Info on past versions of People Pavilion can be found here.    

You will come to an informal meeting on campus on the evening of Thursday 21st January (LICA building foyer, 7pm - 8.30pm), take part in a day-long workshop on Saturday 23rd January 2016 (10am - 5pm), and be part of the performance event from 1pm - 5pm of Saturday 6th of February 2016.  

As part of a small team you will work with artists Laurence Payot and Ailie Rutherford to design a mobile and wearable pavilion that will move through the streets of Lancaster.  

The idea of this People Pavilion will be to explore ideas of human rights with the group, and create a set of actions and questions within the pavilion that can be presented in the streets during the festival.  With the artists, you will look at Amnesty International guidelines for inspiration to create the work. 

To express your interest in the project, contact Alice Booth at  Also feel free to contact Alice with any questions or to find out more about the project.