Making Frames

Making Frames was a Breathing Space project that engaged with the students living on the Lancaster University campus during the Covid 19 lockdown. The project explored the idea of connectivity, our relationship to others and to our communities in a virtual and communal space.

Making Frames was a collaborative project between artists Jonny Randle & Josh Cannon, the students and the Lancaster Arts team. As with the other Breathing Space strands, Making Frames enabled all participants and artists pause, reflect, notice and make a creative response to their situation. Filmmaker Jonny Randall and theatre maker Josh Cannon formed an artistic partnership to test ideas and develop their practice alongside the team at Lancaster Arts.

The project offered a creative means to share the feelings and new learning experienced by the students who made up the temporary community on campus.  It explored and sought to articulate the lived experience of the students who supplied inspiration for a series of new films through discussions and making their own creative responses through film, photography and other means. A series of six new short films were created with the Lancaster University e-campus system in mind. The films have been appearing through autumn 2020, they capture a moment in time and pass messages to the new students arriving on campus. The films often take the appearance of the content around them, creating a double take moment for viewers; but they soon revealed responses to an experience that are witty, truthful and heartfelt.

Watch two of the videos below:


The students collaboratively created questions with the artists and Lancaster Arts for others to respond to, as well as the aforementioned content. We’ve included some of the questions that helped to shape the conversations and wider project below:

What have you noticed on campus that is new or you hadn’t experienced prior to lockdown?

What is your daily routine like since lockdown?

Are there any rituals that you do every day?

What has been unexpected discovery for you during lockdown?

What have you discovered about yourself or your relationships?

Have you found new places you wouldn’t have otherwise?

Did you notice a difference in the way you moved and your movement around campus?

Has it changed how you engage with the world beyond campus and how you relate to the news and information you receive?

How do you feel about social distancing? Did you or people you know distance/isolate more than you expected to, or needed to?

Did you miss social interaction? What limited interaction and what could the digital not provide?

If you were to send a short message to next year’s students, what would it be?

What would you like to share with each other before you leave?

Right: image by Sophie Parker