With My Ear to the Wall

With My Ear to the Wall is an intimate and tactile audio installation that will be situated in Lancaster University Library from 15 November to 16 December.

Inciting empathy, a sense of closeness and an almost voyeuristic curiosity, With My Ear to the Wall is an opportunity to eavesdrop into the tender insights of the lives of strangers.

Each tumbler is designed to be placed against the wall and shares the voice of a person with experience of health based isolation / extended periods of time spent at home.

Jenny Gaskell is a Manchester based artist who has a history of anxiety and depression. One of her best friends has a long term health condition which means she’s not always able to leave the house for stretches of time. Her friend said to her once: ‘I wonder if people forget I exist, because they just don’t see me around’.

With My Ear to the Wall creates ways to help us remain connected to people who are not always in the room and with an urge to listen to perspectives which are at risk of not being heard.

If you are unable to visit the installation in person you can still listen to the audio on the offcial website here. The password is CLOSER


  • 15 Nov - 16 Dec 2022


  • Lancaster University Library
  • Library Ave, Bailrigg, Lancaster LA1 4YH
  • Image credit: Jenny Gaskell
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