The Nuffield Creative Bursary

One of 3 theatres in Lancaster: the Nuffield Theatre is Lancaster's only professional black-box theatre.

Live At LICA’s Nuffield Theatre has been described by The Guardian as “the place [in England] to see the most innovative new work.” Over many years the space has been synonymous with innovative risk taking performance work linked to a world class Theatre Studies teaching programme.

In acknowledgement of this legacy Live At LICA is launching The Nuffield Creative Bursary a new practice-based initiative offering one artist, company or collective annually the opportunity to undertake a supported residency including the use of its extremely adaptable 220-seater Black Box/Studio Nuffield Theatre. Live at LICA actively supports the development of artistic practice across contemporary performing arts, visual arts and classical music. 

The 2015 bursary offers:

  • 2 x five day periods in the Nuffield with creative assistance from LICA technician David McBride in February and May 2015
  • Additional rehearsal spaces/creative time in other suitable spaces on Lancaster University campus
  • Regular dramaturgical feedback from LaL’s programming team
  • 2 x 1hr Mentor sessions on how best to take ideas/work forward towards public presentation
  • The opportunity to host a work-in-progress (if beneficial).
  • The opportunity to talk about the bursary and or/experience in public at LaL’s annual event OPEN (May 2015)
  • £600 towards materials and/or related expenses 

Further details

The Nuffield Creative Bursary is offered initially between 25th Feb – 1st March 2015 in the Nuffield Theatre working with LICA Technician David McBride providing the opportunity to experiment with various technologies including lighting, sound and projections.

Following this a second period is offered in May 2015 (dates tbc), where these benefits continue together with dramaturgical and creative support from LaL’s Creative Producer and others. Between these residency periods and thereafter if desired the bursary winner will have the additional options to book suitable rehearsal space (though this will not be supported by a technician) subject to availability and present a work-in-progress showing. Mentor sessions can be held in person or remotely as preferred at any time.

The second residency period in May 2015 will coincide with Live At LICA’s annual OPEN project giving the participant the opportunity to present a talk on their experiences of the bursary to date and engage in a programme of discussions with other artists in attendance.

How to apply

To apply for the Nuffield Creative Bursary please email one side of A4 to outlining your intentions for use of the space, how working with a technician and the Live at LICA team would benefit your practice and how you would spend your £600 towards expenses/materials.Please also include a short biography/artist statement and any links to further information supporting your application. 

Please apply by 1st December 2014 at 12noon. 

Notes for applicants:

-The Nuffield Creative Bursary is aimed at practitioners seeking to make a performing art work for the stage. Work can be theatre, dance, live art, performance art or music based and for any age group.

-We are particularly keen to hear from applicants based in the North of England. However the Bursary is open to all including those based outside of the UK.

-We encourage applications from practitioners working across artforms and media, such as visual artists making performance or contemporary dance makers working with composition. 

-Applications will be assessed by Live At LICA Director Jamie Eastman, Creative Producer Leo Burtin and LICA Technician David McBride

- Technical specifications and dimensions of the Nuffield are available from our website and further information may be available upon request. 

-It is possible to view the Nuffield Theatre prior to making an application, please email to arrange a suitable time for this and note that viewings can only last a matter of minutes. 

-Successful applicants will be required to provide information in advance stating how they anticipate to work with David and what technical equipment they anticipate using

-Successful applicants will be required to contribute a minimum of two posts/videos to Live At LICA’s online comments section 

- David McBride is a lighting designer, sound engineer and performance artist employed by Lancaster University as a technician at the Lancaster Institute for Contemporary Arts; with special responsibility for the Nuffield Theatre. He is enthusiastic on matters of technology, creative storytelling and coffee. 

His support of Forced Entertainment during the development of The Notebook at the Nuffield Theatre led to his involvement in their European tour, and in the past season he has also given creative support to residencies by Neil and Simone, and Hetain Patel. 

David is particularly experienced at considering the possibilities and limitations of technology early on in a creative process, in order to facilitate the creative integration of technical components and smooth-running tours. In addition to briefer periods of consultation he has taken on more sustained devising and performance roles with companies such as Proto-type Theater and Drunken Chorus.