Previous School & Group Projects

Lancaster Arts has been working with Lancaster University Student’s Union (LUSU) in order to engage children with art and the Peter Scott Gallery’s collection.

Through workshops and interaction with gallery staff we aim to introduce children to different art movements and techniques by using different areas of our art collection.

A number of primary and senior schools in the local area have worked with Lancaster Arts via initiatives such as Lancaster University Student’s Union’s Creative Arts project, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Campus in the City project and our own Museum of Water workshops.

In addition we are registered as an Arts Award supporter. This means we are able to not only assist with the creative aspects of the curriculum but assist in the completion of Arts Award Discover, Explore, Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Past projects

Arts Award 2015/16

Three Peter Scott Gallery volunteers are currently completing their Bronze Arts Award which encourages young people to engage with creative subjects and disciplines. In order to complete their Award the students were tasked with the creation, development and delivery of a workshop for 30 senior school students.

Each volunteer was given the task of delivering an activity relating to their own art practice in order to introduce the senior school students to not only new ideas and concepts but also provide them with a taster of life as a Fine Art student at Lancaster University.

The senior school pupils completed three activities; experimental drawing, sculptural performance and image transferring. Throughout the session the Arts Award volunteers encouraged the pupils to experiment, create and try out new ideas.

Once the students had completed each activity they were provided with a tour of the Fine Art studios to gain an insight into how students complete their artwork whilst at University.

When asking for feedback it was noted that some students were now considering a degree in Fine Art at University. It was also noted that once the students returned to school they began to use the techniques they had learned in their GCSE sketchbooks.


Creative Arts: 3d printing the collection

In 2015 Lancaster Arts collaborated with Lancaster University’s Product Development Unit and Lancaster University Students’ Union in order to deliver an enhanced Creative Arts project for local schools.

This collaboration allowed for the fusing of art, heritage and technology thus enabling local schools to experience the Peter Scott Gallery collection in their classrooms via 3D printing technology.

Primary school pupils were introduced to the production techniques used by Pilkington’s Tiles and Pottery which were then compared with the production of ceramics via 3D printing technology.

3D printed versions of ceramics belonging to the Peter Scott Gallery collection of Pilkington’s Tiles and Pottery were used in the classroom as a tool to engage children with art, design, technology and heritage.

To continue their engagement with the collection and 3D printing schools were then invited onto campus and to take part in activities which involved references to either 3D printing or the Peter Scott Gallery collection.

This project is set to continue for another year and will continue to use 3D printing as a mechanism for engagement. In addition, this project has strong links to the national curriculum with clear learning outcomes and learning objectives identified.


Takeover Day, 2015

Lancaster Arts took part in Takeover Day 2015; a national initiative encouraging young people to ‘take over’ creative institutions in which they are ‘given meaningful roles, working alongside staff and volunteers to participate in the life of the museum’. More information can be found on the Kids in Museums website.

A group of Peter Scott Gallery volunteers planned a weekend of activities for a local Brownie pack including craft sessions and a drama workshop which then culminated in a performance for parents and Brownie leaders.

Activities were based around the Peter Scott Gallery collection and related to art movements such as Surrealism and Cubism. Brownies created work which was then displayed in the Peter Scott Gallery and planned a performance based on significant occurrences in the surrealism art movement. A grand opening was then planned and posters, programmes and decorations were created by the Brownies in order to create a warm welcome for friends and family.

Both the volunteers and the Brownies found the experience rewarding as it provided both groups with an insight into not only the Peter Scott Gallery collection but also first-hand experience of creating artwork, an exhibition and a performance for the public.


Creative Arts: Values, 2014/15

In February 2015 Lancaster Arts assisted with the LUSU’s Creative Arts project; Values. In addition to producing volunteer and pupil study materials for the in-school sessions Lancaster Arts assisted with the delivery of on-campus sessions which consisted of a gallery trail and tour. Four schools participated in this activity. This included a total of 105 children aged between 7 and 10 years old.

When asked what they enjoyed children stated that they 'enjoyed the art gallery'. They also mentioned 'drawing and the art hunt'.

To finish the schools came back to campus for a culmination day in which they participated in three craft activities. One of which was led by Peter Scott Gallery volunteers and resulted in an artwork which was displayed as part of OPEN/15. An additional 60 children participated in this day of activity.

Each stage of the Creative Arts project, including the gallery activities, linked to the national curriculum. In addition clear aims, objectives and learning outcomes were identified.


Campus in the City, 2015
Lancaster Arts' workshop was developed in response to the exhibition 'Museum of Water' which was exhibited at the Storey Gallery from 20th - 22nd February 2015. Four different water based craft activities were developed which both children and adults could enjoy. These were 'A Story in Jar', 'Bubble Painting', 'Paint a story' and 'Underwater'.

The aim of the workshop was to introduce the Lancaster community to the themes addressed by the exhibition and to encourage visitors to take their creations up to the exhibition itself.

In addition to craft activities visitors were invited to share their own stories over a cup of tea.


Museum of Water, 2015
31 students from Carnforth High spent a day at the Storey Gallery responding to the exhibition the Museum of Water. This volunteer led activity invited the students to use the exhibition as a source of inspiration and create an artwork and a piece of creative writing.

Future Projects

Our work with Lancaster University Product Development Unit and Lancaster University Students' Union has been extremely successful and we plan to continue this work into 2017.

Pupils from Quernmore working on Conversations with the Collection