Student & Under 26 Supporters

Free tickets, Free tea and coffee - Great Art! 

Who is it for?

This scheme is open to any and all students (from any University) and all young people under 26. This includes mature students of any age.

What are the benefits?

When you purchase a Under26s Supporter package you get the following benefits. 

  • FREE tickets*
  • FREE tea or coffee at all of our events.
  • Upgrade your free tea or coffee to etc. cappuccino, latte or hot chocolate for £1
  • 50% off Costa purchases at County Bar
  • 10% off purchases from the Great Hall cafe/bar 
  • Concert programmes from just £1
  • Access to exclusive after-show talks, discussions with artists

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Save over £90

  • If you often grab a tea or coffee during the day, with our 50% off Costa at County - you could save over £90 on your hot cuppas before you even claim a free ticket!
  • Under 26s tickets cost from £9 per event.  But, as a Supporter you'll get tickets to the majority of Lancaster Arts events for free. 

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How the scheme works. 

  • The cost of the supporter scheme is £36 
  • For each qualifying production there is an alloted amount of free tickets for U26 Supporters. 
  • A handful of productions don't qualify and - when this is the case - we will state it on the relevant webpage. 
  • Free tickets will only be released 2 weeks before the first performance date to ensure all U26 Supporters have the chance to obtain a free ticket. 
  • Your free ticket can be claimed online or via the box office 
  • Once the free ticket allocation has been exhausted there will be the option to purchase a discounted student ticket.

If you have a free U26 ticket and you can no longer attend the production you must let us know in advance.  
Failure to use / collect your free ticket could restrict you from qualifying for future free U26 tickets. 


  • Your membership will lapse in June each year.
  • Free tickets are not available on external events i.e. student events, hires, community events