A Goat Island work in progress

Goat Island is a Chicago-based collaborative performance group. They are in residence in the Nuffield Theatre in August 2006 to run a summer school and then work on a new performance piece. This event is a staging point in that process, a chance to see the work in development.

The performance situates between two audiences. Its structure reflects the history of Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia: church/mosque/museum, considered as movements on different planes.

Part 1: A dance in 13 rounds of detailed movement. The performers diverge and reconverge to a regular beat with irregular measures.

Part 2: Instructions from invited responders. A micro-performance of restrained words and gestures on a bare stage answers each recitation.

Part 3: A high-energy concert, museum, and archive, populated with colliding futures and restless ghosts. Three-minute acts weave contrary time signatures and meditations on lastness, informed by the company decision to make this the final Goat Island piece.

Wednesday 30 August 2006 @ 4pm

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Goat Island