Action Hero: Front Man with Juneau Brothers

To mark the opening of our new exhibition Was I There?, exploring the history and mythology of Lancaster University’s gig heyday, we present a double-bill performance ‘gig’ from contemporary artists exploring the iconography of rock, punk and noise.

Action Hero

Poised on the edge of catastrophe, Frontman is a furiously loud, raucous reproduction of the all the best gigs you never saw. With borrowed musings from iconic frontmen, the ghost of Elvis/Dolly/Kurt/Iggy is channelled by a girl in sequins. She turns up the volume, humps the speakers and tells the crowd she loves them.

Action Hero enact a defiant, brazen, halfcut version of a faded comeback gig, complete with dry ice, lip-syncs and extreme noise. Balancing between euphoria and car crash, this is part-gig, part-performance with a DIY approach to analogue sound.

Juneau Brothers

Juneau Brothers’ performances examine relationships between musical performance, installation art and sculpture.

They build their own hand-made electronic instruments, which, in conjunction with the bespoke software they utilise, form the backbone of their performances. In recent performances they have utilised multiple screen video projections comprised of sound-reactive animations that form both a backdrop and visual illustration of the music.

You can find the work of Juneau Brothers in the Peter Scott Gallery exhibition Was I there? From 23rd November until 16th December.

Event Details

Approx 60 mins
Nuffield Theatre

Action Hero