All Just Fields

Nuffield director Matt Fenton and sound artist Nick Gill present their take on 5 extraordinary buildings from across Europe: the Grand Hotel in Scarborough, a disguised gun-emplacement on the Essex coast, a disused office block in Ostende, Milosovic's state media building in Belgrade, and the building in which the piece is performed.

Combining text, field-recordings and projected images, the performance uncovers the memories contained in these unusual structures, and reflects on how we live in buildings, how they decay, and what they say about us after we leave. The final section concerns Morecambe's stunning Winter Gardens, and is written and recorded on the day of the performance.

All Just Fields is part of national Architecture Week (15-24 June). For details of all regional events, go to

All Just Fields has been performed at South Hill Park (Bracknell), the Royal Exchange studio (Manchester) and Bains::Connective (Brussels). Its development was supported by Arts Council England and New Theatre Architects.

Sunday 24 June 2007 @ 4pm at Winter Gardens, Morecambe

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