An Invitation to the Dance (Curate the Campus 2012)

An Invitation to the Dance

A durational, interactive experiment in which passers-by are invited to contribute to an ongoing and growing dance. The performance will take place for 3-5 hours in different locations across campus. 

My invitation: Let us work together to find movement through discussion and responding to each other’s bodies.  We will think about our bones.  About how, over time our bones change and our shaped by our experiences; “how we live, holding our deepest and oldest memories” (Miranda Tufnell).  Like driftwood being shaped by the waves and weather, our bone carries traces of everywhere we have been and everything we have done.

I will continue our movement after you are gone.  The dance will build and unfold with those I meet throughout the day, culminating in a sharing of what has been made. Times and location of final performance TBC.

Laura Bradshaw

I am a performer and a creator.  I graduated in 2005 from the BA (Hons) Contemporary Theatre Practice course at RSAMD.  Since graduating I have worked with various companies including Fish and Game, LisaLouise, Pacitti Company, Uninvited Guests and most recently with Nic Green on the award-winning Trilogy.  Though not a trained dancer, I have a particular interest in movement, the body and ritual and am starting to explore these themes in my own work.  In September 2011 I began an MA in Dance and Somatic Well-being at UCLAN which I hope will further my development and understanding of this subject matter.

Event Details


Across Lancaster University Campus
Tuesday 8th May 2012. 11am - 4pm
Performance of collected material will take place at 4pm in Alexander Square.