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ëHave I written myself out?í Tchaikovsky lamented. ëNo ideas, no inclination?í Later, about the recently completed Fifth Symphony, he declared ëThere is something repellent about it Ö it will never please the public.í But it has become one of his most popular and performed compositions, an epic expression of surging musical energy, anxiety and, ultimately, blazing triumph over fate. Vassily Sinaisky completes this all-Tchaikovsky programme with the finest of the composerís three ballet scores, The Sleeping Beauty.

Tonightís enchanting selection includes the Prologue ñ when the magic spell cast on Princess Aurora by the evil fairy, Carabosse, is softened by the Lilac Fairy ñ and Act 1, by the end of which ñ after pricking her finger ñ Aurora and the rest of the Kingdom fall into a 100-year sleep. Loved for its sumptuous dances and picture-book charm, The Sleeping Beauty attracted the admiration of Stravinsky for its ëfreshness, inventiveness, ingenuity and vigourí.

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£6 Young personSinaisky conducted with all the requisite Slavic swagger, as well as delicately shading Tchaikovskyís marvellously inventive orchestration.'
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