Ben Wright: The Lessening of Difference

Following on from the critical success of bgroup’s extraordinary last work about around, and the Nuffield/Ludus co-production Consequences, Jerwood award-winning choreographer Ben Wright creates his most ambitious work to date for his inspirational and distinctive company, bgroup. 

The Lessening of Difference marks an exciting new collaboration for Wright with author David Charles Manners (In the Shadow of Crows) that reflects upon the concept of intimacy. Known for exceptional production values and stirring emotional aesthetics, this stunning new piece of dance-theatre ignites dynamic connections between performers and audience with imagery that moves from the personal and particular to the universal.

With an electrifying sound design by Alan Stones and sumptuous lighting by Guy Hoare, Wright and his quartet of exceptional dancers invite you to dream and join them in snowfall.

If you're looking for something that's both new and impressive then this could be your best bet
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Event Details

Approx 60 mins
Nuffield Theatre
Age Restriction:
To see this event you must be 15 or over

Ben Wright

Ben Wright presents: 'Lessening of Difference'