Between You and Us: A Symposium with Uninvited Guests

Eight years after their first show, and at a turning point, Uninvited Guests pause for a while to reflect on past work. A number of invited guests discuss the trajectory towards their current pastoral retreat. These presentations will be interrupted by creative responses to the Nuffield UK premiere of It Is Like It Ought To Be by artistic friends and local artists.

Previous projects, Guest House, Film, Offline, Live Chat, Schlock, and Aftermath have toured nationally and internationally. They have explored relationships between live and mediated, real and on-screen spaces. Drawing on documentary interviews, Uninvited Guests have spoken others’ words as though their own, borrowing their declarations of love and traumatic memories, mixing them with fictional desires and schlock-horror violence. It Is Like It Ought to Be, a requiem for English folk imagined, marks a nostalgic retreat, a turn from our urban age towards the countryside.

Presentations by:

Uninvited Guests, Sarah Gorman (Roehampton), Simon Jones (Bristol University & Bodies in Flight), David Jubb (BAC) and artists Fiona Wright, Tom Marshman and Ben Faulks.

Saturday 4 November 2006 @ 2pm (Symposium), 8pm (Performance)

Event Details

Uninvited Guests