Two pianos and a generous dash of percussion make up tonightís unusual forces in a striking programme that ranges from the sultry dance rhythms of Andalucia to Stravinskyís revolutionary and primitive ballet which exploded onto the Paris stage, causing a riot. The complex metres and lacerating rhythms of the final Sacrifical Dance will leave you gasping. Grainger loved Gershwin, rating his songs alongside those of classical giants like Schubert, Schumann, and Brahms. His Fantasy is brilliantly imaginative two piano music, beginning with a heavily percussive introduction and a fanfare leading into many favourite numbers including ëSummertimeí, ëBess, you is my woman nowí, and ëI got plenty oí nothingí.

Tickets: £14, £11.50 (£11.50, £9 concessions) young person £5.50

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