Broken Chords

Set on a sparse wooden stage with a huge chandelier overhead, Broken Chords brings together musicians who dance and dancers who play to chronicle the intimate relationships that shape our lives. The work exposes the moments in your life where everything changes, where nothing seems tangible or fixed, and everything falls away.

Featuring live string arrangements based on the violin sonatas of baroque composer Heinrich von Biber, Broken Chords combines demanding dance, virtuoso musicianship, dark humour and playful theatricality.

‘Theatrical gold dust.’ The Scotsman, Punch Drunk November 2004

Broken Chords is commissioned by Nuffield Theatre Lancaster, supported by the Foyle Foundation and funded by Arts Council England. VDT is regularly funded by ACE Yorkshire.

Saturday 29 October 2005 to Sunday 30 October 2005 @ 8pm

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Vincent Dance Theatre