Caracas Sincronica

Hereís a new and exciting musical sound from Latin America to brighten and heat up a winter evening. Raul Abzueta, Pedro Marin and Alessandro GarcÌa founded Caracas Sincronica in 1996 as a trio of guitar, mandolin and clarinet; they were joined in 2002 by percussionist Rolando Canonico and for part of tonight's concert they team up with some British musician friends. Their music, much of it composed and improvised by the players, combines traditional Venezuelan music with the harmonies of jazz and the counterpoint of classical music.
The stunning result has been described as ëa vibrant reflection of the traditions of the conservatory and the folk sounds of the streets, incorporating new and different musical ideasí.

Meet the Artist: 6.45pm

Tickets: £13.50, £11 (£11, £8.50 concessions) young person £5ë of great freshness and with an original sound-worldí FRANCE ANTILLES

ëGuitarist Raul Abzueta contributed many of the compositions and his sophisticated sense of harmony ... gave the music a languid grace. Pedro Marin on mandolin was marvellous and his melodic improvisation alongside clarinettist Alessandro GarcÌa was reminiscent of great Brazilians Joel Nascimento and Paolo Moura.í CLASSICAL GUITAR

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