Chilingirian Quartet

ëThose indispensable pillars of British musical lifeí (The Times), the Chilingirian Quartet, established in 1971, is one of the worldís most celebrated and widely travelled ensembles. In these four quartets by Haydn and Mozart, the quartet will demonstrate, with its passionate advocacy and beautifully balanced ensemble, why its performances of the classical repertoire ñ bristling with energy, lyricism and a rare refinement ñ are considered second to none in expressiveness. From the first of Haydnís ëmatureí set of quartets, to the second of his so-called ëTostí quartets in which he drew inspiration from the younger Mozart, and finally to one of the remarkable ëApponyií quartets ñ intended for performance in the London concert season in 1794 ñ the Chilingirians show off the dazzling inventiveness and sense of structure, as well as the humour that characterise Haydnís symphonic music. Mozartís K421 is the second of the set of quartets he dedicated to Haydn, is the only one in a minor key, and is thought to have been composed while Constanze was in labour with their first child.

TICKETS: £15, £12.50
(£12.50, £10 concessions)
£6 Young personëThis is the playing of an expert ensemble, and it is refreshing in its skill, fluency and energy.í

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