Chris Williams: Bright Lights and Golden Sands

Performers from More Dukes Youth Theatre have spent a week making a new multi-media work about their hometown, Morecambe.

They attempt to re-imagine their town and bay as if it were a far-off land. By drawing on family holidays, music videos, cinema, novels and oral histories, the group explore the endless narratives and landscapes from coastal towns around the world.  

The performance addresses our relationships with where we live: how we yearn for other places when we are young; how we reminisce about our childhood surroundings when we grow older.

This young people’s project is a collaboration between Live at LICA associate artist Chris Williams and The Dukes. With filmmaker Sheena Holiday.

Event Details

Chris Williams

Tickets & Performance Details

7.30pm, Saturday 14th April 2012 at:-
More Music in Morecambe.

Tickets are FREE but you must reserve them via the Dukes Box Office: 01524 598500.

This performance will be held at More Music in Morecambe

Artwork for Chris William's - Bright Lights and Golden Sands