Touchdown Dance combine voice, video, live music and a wide range of dance styles to create imaginative theatrical experiences. In this dynamic new show of structured improvisations, the unique integrated company of visually impaired and sighted dancers break the regimentation of traditional choreography.

Using senses other than sight, six dancers take flight aiming to bring the separate closer. Liberated from the taboos of touch, they share a world where contact is not cautioned, but the starting point of freedom and trust. Hearing, smell and the ripple of breath energize the space between bodies with a rich sensory perception.

The only ensemble of its kind in the UK, Touchdown have been leaders in their field for the past 18 years.

'Dynamic and risk taking…a rich palette of shades and textures that doesn’t need to be appreciated by sight alone.' Josephine Leask

Wednesday 9 November 2005 @ 8pm

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Touchdown Dance