Company Chameleon: PUSH

Presented as part of Lancaster Arts City: First Fridays.

An outdoor dance performance exploring the quality of touch and its physical and emotional resonance by the fantastic Company Chameleon. 

Athletic yet sensitive, the work continues a conversation that began in childhood between artists Anthony Missen and Kevin Edward Turner.  This powerful and engaging duet looks at the different stances we take as we relate to one another, and how the complex nature of our psychology means at times we push to exert our dominance and control, and at others we submit and yield. 

Push is co-commissioned by Without Walls and Dance Initiative Greater Manchester. 

Event Details

Approx 20 mins

Company Chameleon

Event Information

Friday 5th October

2.00pm - Outside Lancaster University Great Hall.
7.15pm - Lancaster's Market Square 

PUSH by Company Chameleon. Outdoor dance performance as part of Lancaster Arts City. 5th October 2012.