Curate the Campus 2013: Exquisite Corpse

In January 2012, inspired by the Olympic year, we commissioned artist and theatre maker Andy Smith to begin a ‘relay’ art project. He created a new artwork, and then passed on a small element of this to inspire an artist of his choice to create their own new artwork, and then pass on the process in the same way. A chain of 12 new works was created in locations across the globe, one new work for each month of 2012.

The 12 pieces cover a variety of media that includes written word, painting and film. The next question for the project is how the works could be presented as an exhibition and in what context.

In the spirit of Curate the Campus, the curatorial aspect of the project is now being made open and available to visitors of Peter Scott Gallery. We are inviting you to use the gallery space alongside Smith and the Live at LICA team to propose display and presentation solutions for the 12 works.

Throughout Curate the Campus fortnight, the upper floor of the gallery will become a live sketch-book of ideas, tests and propositions that will suggest the future direction of the project.

Peter Scott Gallery, 11am - 5pm daily 29th April – 10th May (closed weekend/bank holiday)

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